Films You Have to Watch at Least Once – The Classics

There are so many great films out there to be watched.  There really is.  My children are completely ignorant when it comes to classic cinema, as much as I really try to ignite some enthusiasm, alas, no. They tend to watch films from this century, and get really surprised when they actually do see a film pre 2000 and enjoy it. I have always loved films, from all eras and genres. So let me share with you 10 films that I consider as classics and recommend that you should watch at least once. Seven Samurai 1954 A poor village under … Continue reading Films You Have to Watch at Least Once – The Classics

Did You Love Shutter Island?

In Shutter Island, a U.S. Marshal investigates the disappearance of a murderer who escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane.  Of course, not everything is quite what it seems.  A Martin Scorsese film, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, one of their … Continue reading Did You Love Shutter Island?

The Prison Movie

Is there some sort of catharsis when watching a prison movie?  Safe in the knowledge that one has not broken any laws that would cause them to lose their liberty. Of all of the genres out there for film, I am always happy to be the voyeur when it comes to the prison or liberty lost genre. Let’s take a look at some of the prison movies out there that has captured the Ronin spirit… Papillon (1973) A man with a butterfly tattoo on his back has been wrongly convicted of murder and sentenced to life in a French penal … Continue reading The Prison Movie

The Heist Movie

It is a film about a team, comprised because each of them has a certain set of skills.  There is something that is priceless and is in an impenetrable safe or otherwise secure place. There is usually strategic planning in this film, the upmost detail must be examined and contingencies in place in case of any skirmishes. In most films, the viewer is rewarded with watching the heist take place as planned, however,  in the case Quentin Tarantino’s 1992 classic Reservoir Dogs, the viewer deals with the fallout of the heist, rather than being a voyeur to it. What makes … Continue reading The Heist Movie

The Underdog Story

Who doesn’t love watching a tale that captures the never say die spirit?  The tale where the unsuspected comes out on top. The underdog story is usually heart-warming, and if told well it will have the viewer rooting for the protagonist every time. There it seems are different categories in respect of the underdog story.  The obvious one is the sports tale; the individual or team regarded as a no hope, and through hard work and a training montage, they come out on top.  Here’s a few examples… The Longest Yard (1974) Also known as “The Mean Machine”. A former … Continue reading The Underdog Story